UPDATE AT THE APPLE APP STORE: Version 1.0.2 available

Version 1.0.2 available

Get the update with the following new features / extensions:

+ Chat added (chat overview, send pictures, send location)
+ Service provider reviews completely integrated
+ PlayDates / SleepOver can be canceled in the detail view
+ Dates in the calendar, which are overlap, are now dyed black
+ Dates can now be canceled in the detail view
+ When you register via Facebook, the profile image is taken over
+ New requests now have the symbol “NEW” as a graphic
+ New news are displayed as a reference number in the main menu
+ Deprecated and rejected requests can be removed with a wipe to the left
+ Quick Menu “+” has now two buttons “Add friends” and “Invite friends”
+ If no birthday from a parent is specified the, “No entry” is displayed


+ Change picture in children profiles
+ Crash when loading the FriendsBook is fixed
+ Load user data to a minimum (faster)
+ When registering with Facebook now appears the PaladaloCoin information overview
+ Time selection for birthday goes now to 1900 (instead of 1970)
+ Children under a year are now displayed with a month (eg 1 month, 2 months)
+ Adding text “Clock” for queries
+ Small spelling errors corrected